Simply Family Part 2

What’s up Peeps?

    Guess what today is? You guessed it, today is blog day, and the topic is family. If you are like me, there are some members of your family that drive you bananas! You know exactly who they are. They are the family members, who are always complaining about everything, never listen to any advice, and are always causing drama, and the list goes on and on. So, how do you deal with your loved ones without losing your mind? I have a few techniques that I believe are game changers.

   It would be safe to say that most of us have a desire to have a happy family. We want to not only get along with our relatives, but we want them to receive our love and love us back. Unfortunately, many of our family relationships are ripped apart due to communication issues, drugs, alcohol, gossip, and a plethora of other issues. The most pressing issue that several people struggle with is communication. 

   Communication is the most important ingredient in any relationship. Without good communication you are unable to detect what someone is feeling, where they are mentally, and what they need from you. Without it, people get frustrated and often fight. Sometimes to the point of diminishing the relationship completely. So, how do you have better communication? The best way is to talk. Let the other person in your relationship know how you feel and what you are up to. And encourage them to do the same. When you are communicating with one another it makes it so much easier to give the other person what they desire from you.  

   When communicating, I always find it helpful to begin statements with “I” instead if “you”. People often get offended if they feel like you are attacking them. For example; instead of saying, “you never pay attention to me” say, “I feel like I need more attention.” Using communication and “I” statements can be challenging at first, but they can help your relationship immensely.  

   Also, I talked a little bit in the last blog about opening your eyes and appreciating the other persons positive qualities. Be vocal about this when you tell a person something that you like about them, if it feels good, and they will crave more. This has worked wonders for me in several areas of my life. 

   But what happens when you have worked on communication, using “I” statements, and have been vocal about how much you appreciate someone’s good qualities and they still are unbearable to deal with? If you truly believe that you have tried your hardest to salvage a relationship, and nothing seems to work, it may be time to limit your interaction with that person. If the relationship is too toxic you might want to cut in out altogether. You are the only person that you can always count on to take care of you. It may sound harsh to cut someone out of your life, but if it is best for your well-being it is not a bad idea. 

  We are all most likely going to experience some sort of relationship conflict in our lives. It is important to have the right tools available to help fix these issues. Communication, using “I” statements, and appreciating what someone brings to the table are all great ways to deal with these issues, but always remember; you are in charge of your life and who is in it! You only have one life so surround yourself with amazing people, with good intentions, and people that care about you. You’re are a wonderful person and you deserve it! Thanks for reading! If you would do me a huge favor and share this post, I would greatly appreciate it.  


Much Love,


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