Selective Attention

If you read my blogs, you probably know that I recently quit my job to pursue my dreams of becoming a writer, motivational speaker, and help people live their best lives!😃

First let me say, I am so excited to be on this journey! One of the things that I have been trying to do is staying present. I believe that this is a very important part our journeys, because we don’t want to miss anything.

Have you ever watched the selective attention test on YouTube by Daniel Simons? If you haven’t check it out real fast and come back to this blog. (It’s only 1 minute and 22 seconds and it’s well worth it) Isn’t that crazy! When I watched it I totally missed the gorilla! It made me think about my life and how many giant gorillas I have missed! 🦍

Giant gorillas, being people, places, and opportunities that are all around us, and if you are not careful you will miss them.

Although, I want to be a motivational speaker and author, I want to keep my eyes open to other opportunities as well! Because at the end of the day my primary goal is to help people become the best version of themselves. 😊

Yes, being a speaker/author is a great way to achieve this, but I could also have a t.v. show and accomplish the same thing!

We are all on our own unique journey, and we should discover what it is that we are trying to accomplish but be open to different ways to get there. And pay attention to the stuff that seems to be in our face on a regular basis (the giant gorillas)

Can you think of stuff that you may have missed because you were so stuck on the way that you wanted to get there?


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