How My Life-Transforming Journey Began

Hi everyone!

I thought that this would be a great week to do a “throwback Tuesday”, and tell you the story about how it all began…

My journey started with a book, 📖 The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. This book/movie ignited my transformation, and I am thrilled to be sharing it with you. Before this book, I was not happy 😞 with my existence, and I did not know how to fix it.

Fortunately, in my time of need, I was watching an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show, and they were talking about The Secret. I immediately went out and purchased the DVD and the book in the middle of a rainstorm. 🌧 I rushed home and I watched it immediately. During the movie, I felt butterflies in my stomach and the hair stood up on my arms, I knew that I had found something great!

The movie starts with Rhonda Byrne’s talking about how she was also in distress, and out of her deepest despair her son gave her a book that contained this great secret. She was shocked to discover these concepts. She began to do research, and realized that many  successful people in history knew about these concepts. She was amazed and wanted to see if anyone today knew.

As she began to do her research, all of these individuals who shared these ideas began to emerge. Eventually, she created this movie 🎥 so she could share with the world what only a few people knew. (Thanks Rhonda!)

I’m sure at this point you are eager to know what is the big secret. The secret is positive thinking! 🤯It has a huge impact on your life. As Mike Dooley simply puts it, “thoughts become things.” What this means, is that every thought that you are having, whether it is positive or negative, is sending out a frequency into the Universe. Whatever you put out into comes back to you.

I know it seems overwhelming at first, it did for me too. I had so many questions, but once I really started paying attention it became so clear to me. The Secret uses an example of a man in a restaurant. You can tell that the man is grumpy when he comes in, and his entire experience in the restaurant is negative. He gets the wrong order, 🍝 spills it on himself, you get the idea.

This example was awesome for me because I spent so much time working in restaurants as a server, and I saw this same situation play out over and over. You have two tables sit down in the same section, same server, same chef, and same restaurant. One table is happy-go-lucky, 🤗and the other one in a hurry, angry, and overall off-putting. 😠It was always amazing to me how different their experiences were.

The positive people would have an awesome dining experience with tons of fun, good food, and laughter, 😂and the other table would be rude, everything would be wrong, and they would be dissatisfied. 😡Jack Canfield said it best, “If you’re complaining about how bad it is, what you are creating is more of how bad it is.” This is horrible if you are the angry and negative thinking person at the restaurant, but is wonderful if you can make the shift from negative to positive.

If you are committed to making this work, you can have anything and be anything you want. I went from having mounds of debt, low self-esteem, a job I hated, and horrible relationships, to acquiring the husband of my dreams, a beautiful home, the health that I desired, financial stability, and now the career of my dreams. I am so happy and grateful that all my dreams have become reality, but I am even more grateful to be sharing how I got there with you.

Let’s start with how to change your thoughts. We have millions of thoughts every day and it seems impossible to change them all. Well the good thing is that we are not going to focus on changing all your thoughts. For now, we only want to focus on being in a good space. Instead of analyzing every thought that comes into your pretty head, put your energy into being joyful.🙂😉

There is so many brilliant ideas and people in this book and movie. I definitely encourage everyone to get a copy. The book in beautifully written and the movie in so visually pleasing. I am so thrilled to be able to share these magnificent ideas with you and I am so excited to continue this journey with you all. Join me next week, and we will work together to create an extraordinary life with many breathtaking experiences.

Much Love,

Simply Brandi Olson

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