Overcoming Fear

What is something that you have always wanted to do, but it absolutely terrifies you? I have always been very outgoing, but wait for it, I’m shy. Yes, shy! I know what you’re thinking: “She is so extroverted, and she makes these videos and speaks in public!  How could she possibly be shy?”

Every time, I go to talk to a stranger I get really nervous, my palms get sweaty and my hands begin to shake.

This is not my favorite characteristic trait about me, and something I would like to change. This week I went to a Women’s Expo and I decided this would be a great opportunity to work on the issue.

The first thing I did was decide that I wanted to make a change and admitted that this was an issue for me. Next, I saw a lady that I had met and wanted to see if she wanted to grab a cup coffee. I took ten seconds and visualized approaching her. I told myself to be brave, and immediately went up and approached her.

This encounter worked out so well that I decided to talk to the lady that runs the event and let her know that I would love to speak next year.

Overcoming the smallest fears can have the biggest impact of your life. Take a chance, go out there and live on the edge. Do the scary stuff; it might lead to your next big break!

Have a great Week!!!!

Simply Brandi Olson

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