It is crazy how many choices we make on a daily bases, and how it affects our life. First thing in the morning, we make a decision to get up or lay in bed.

This determines whether we are late or on time, or if we are put together or are sloppy. We decide to eat healthy and exercise. If we choose not to, we become unhealthy and feel like crap.

We can also make a choice to be happy, peruse our dreams, or become more spiritual. If we have a positive or negative outcome, we must take responsibility for these decisions. By accepting the power to choose a better life we can start to create a life that matches up with our deepest desires.

How cool would it be to wake up every morning and work on the abs that you have been trying to get for the last 20 years? Or walk around your dream house beaming because of what you have accomplished.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to go to a job everyday that you loved and sparked passion inside of you? If all of this is possible, why doesn’t everyone who desires it have it?

It is because it’s not the easiest option. The effortless option is to turn on Netflix and live vicariously through the t.v. in place of going to the gym, or working on something that you are passionate about.

It is more comfortable to go to the job that we dislike so we don’t shake anything up in our world. It is convenient to stop by a fast food restaurant on the way home instead of cooking a healthy meal.

Although these alternatives are “easier”, how much is our comfortable life costing us? Instead, why not be proactive, intentional, and live a life that we love?

Have a great week!


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