Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Do you have something in your life that continues to appear over and over. This always happens to me! I believe that it is the universe’s way of leading me to divine appointments and destiny related work. This week, Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs has been popping up everywhere I look!

I am familiar with this concept, and this is how I have come to understand it; We have what looks like a food pyramid of needs. The ones at the bottom, must be achieved first to move up the pyramid.

For example,  the very bottom of the pyramid contains the physiological needs. Which we need for human survival; food, water, breathing, shelter, etc.

Safety is the next level, and is exactly what it states. It’s feeling safe from war, crime, abuse, and natural disaster.

Love and belonging is the third level. This level is about being loved and belonging to a group of people. This is such a vital part of the pyramid.

Second from the top is esteem, this is recognition from others, importance, or status.

The top of the pyramid is self-actualization. This is realizing ones own self potential.

I have experienced these levels and I know that it extremely hard to move up to the next level with out achieving the one that you are on.

For example, it is very hard to focus on self-actualization when you are worried about where your next meal is coming from. This list can be helpful to create a checklist of what you must achieve to get to your desired level. It’s definitely an interesting concept to study!

Talk to you next week!


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