Pursuing Your Dream Career

The journey towards achieving my dream career has been the most fulfilling, stressful, and overall wonderful experience. ☀️ At times, I have felt exposed to the world, 🌎 vulnerable, and scared. 😟

However, I made a deal with myself I that I would never give up, and I am happy to say that I have kept that commitment to myself! 😆

When I first began, I thought I would just start writing, ✍️ someone would discover me, and immediately I would go off and be a professional speaker, write a ton of books, 📚 and live happily ever after.

I am not sure why I thought that I would skip all of the hard work, but I did. I have never had a problem with working hard, I just thought that would come after I was successful. Silly huh? 🙃

After taking some time to think about all of this, I have realized that hard work makes success taste so much sweeter! 🍭

During college, I worked very hard not only to go to class every day, but also to pay for my schooling. The day I graduated was a monumental moment of accomplishment! 🎓

Even though achieving the life of your dreams may take a lot of hours and grinding, it is so worth it! And enjoy the ride. You don’t have to achieve your big goal to appreciate all of the little accomplishments along the way. Find joy in those little achievements. 🏝

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Much Love,

Simply BrandiOlson

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