Living an Unfulfilled Life

We all get sucked into some form of T.V. at times. There is something about going home, making dinner, and letting the couch engulf you that seems super appealing.

I found myself getting sucked into this way of living many times, but is it really living?

Unfortunately, our time on this earth is very limited, and we must make every moment count!

In my experience, living life away from these distractions has been more rewarding than watching someone live theirs on television. This may sound harsh, especially if your love it.

I know that making a big plate of nachos and watching people work out on the Biggest Loser in much easier than actually going to the gym.

I am not suggesting that you give up your relaxation time. Consider limiting it.

Use some of your screen time to get healthy, make friends, or try something you have never tried. We only have one life, live your best life!

Talk to you soon,

Simply Brandi Olson


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