The Secret Part Two: Manifesting the Life You Deserve


     Welcome back!!!! How was your week last week? Did you practice being grateful? I am so glad that you are joining me, for The Secret Part Two; Manifesting the Life You Deserve. Whenever I began to practice bringing my visions to life, it was quite exciting. The first time I used this technique, was the first day after watching The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes. I wanted so desperately to have a new job, and I wanted my life to be more exciting. I then asked the universe for just this. The next day, I went to work at Red Lobster, I went over to one of my tables after they had left and there was a newspaper laying there. I picked up the paper, and there was a job circled in red for Norwegian Cruise Lines. I was so excited I could not handle it! They were holding interviews in Denver Colorado the following day. I went online, and printed out a picture of one of the many Norwegian Cruise ships. I copied the image in to my brain, laid down in the middle of the floor in my bedroom, and I began to visualize. I saw the ship so clearly in my head, and I envisioned the cool salty air blowing through my hair. The next day, I went to Denver, I was interviewed for the job, and I was immediately hired. I flew to Hawaii, got out of the cab, and began to walk up to the ship. Now this is the fun part; it was the exact same ship that I had printed a picture of. I was hooked, and I have been bringing whatever I desire into my life ever since.   


     Lisa Nichols from The Secret describes this as a three step process. Step one is to ask. Be very clear about whatever it is that you desire. For this step, I like to write down exactly what it is that I want. When you write down what it is that you are yearning for, it sets it in stone, so to speak. The second step is to believe. You want to act as if you have already received what you are asking for. For this step, I want you to see what it is you are after. I want you to feel it and taste it. This is the part I see a ton of people mess up. They give up too soon, and then whatever they are about receive disappears. The third step, is to receive. In my opinion this is the best part. Enjoy whatever it is that you have brought into your life. You deserve it! This three step process is very simple and oh so powerful! You ask for something that you desire, believe that you have already received it, and then you accept what it is you asked for. There are so many areas of your life that you can use this technique. I will share many of my experiences throughout this journey. Please leave comments below and share with me what you have manifested. Thank you so much for reading my blog. Next week, I want to help you learn how to control your thoughts. I am looking very forward to talking to you soon!

 Much love,


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