We Have Come So Far!!!

    Hi peeps! Thanks for joining me! I am thoroughly enjoying sharing this information with all of you, and I appreciate you reading it. It has been wonderful to write a new blog each week that pertains to positivity and living an amazing life. It has also been helpful to review this wonderful information myself. Which brought me to this idea. 💡 I wanted to write a blog about everything that we have covered so far, as a refresher before we move on to specific areas of your life. In the first blog, I started by introducing myself, and letting you know that everything was not always as great as it is now, but it is possible to change the game, and start living the life that you deserve.

    The next week, was about The Secret, and the power of positivity. How has everything been going? Have you used music, laughter, or gratitude to help keep you in a positive state of mind? Have you tried other techniques to help you? Leave messages in the comments section, I would love to hear about what you have tried. Another technique, that I found helpful in The Secret is to use a, “gratitude rock”. You place a small rock in your pocket or purse, every time you touch the rock you say something that you’re grateful for, it is an extremely helpful reminder.

      The third week was my favorite! During this blog, we went over manifesting experiences, situation, and people. I relayed the ask, believe, and receive technique that they use in The Secret. I love this part so much because I am still so amazed at how well this works. It is important for you to believe, if nothing happens, DON’T STOP BELIEVING! I always find, when little bit of doubt comes in, I tell myself, “Nope I’m not going to give in!” and almost immediately after I experience that doubt and I say, “I still believe, I believe, I believe.” And whatever I desire appears.  

   The fourth week, I thought that it was really important to address looking forward. We all have experiences in our past that we are not proud of, but it’s O.K. I encourage you to look at the past, forgive yourself for anything that you need forgiveness for, ask for forgiveness, and move on. Don’t look back, you are not going that way. 

    The last week that we were together, I went over some different techniques to create new thoughts. From childhood our brains are being programmed. Everything that we are taught, if we deem it to be true, becomes who we are. With a few minor shifts in the way that we think, we can make huge improvements. Just thinking more positively completely changed my life!

    I am glad that we took time to revisit information that we have covered in the last six weeks. It is so important to always review what you have already learned, and to take a complete inventory of our lives. Which is exactly what we are going to do next week. Bring your notebooks because it is on!!! One more huge favor, please share my blog on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, print it out and mail it to someone. My goal is to help one person, but I would not be disappointed to help a whole lot more!

Love Y’all,

Simply Brandi Olson

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