Simply Money


Hey hey hey!
   Thank you so much for joining me to talk about one of my favorite subjects. What is it you ask? It’s money! I have been talking to several people this week and I am finding out that many of them think of money in a very negative light. Sadly, if you choose to have a bad relationship with money you will have a hard time obtaining it and holding on to it. The first and most important objective is to identify what kind of a relationship it is that you have with money. Do you have ill feelings about it? Does just hearing the word stress you out? Unfortunately, this is the case for many people. Perhaps, sometime in your life a parent may have made you feel a certain way about money. Possibly, you have never had enough it and that made you feel horrible, nervous, even anxious. No matter what the reason is, I am happy to tell you that we can work together to help you resolve your distaste for money and work on developing a great relationship with it.


   Let’s start by getting out your notebook and writing down how you feel about money. List everything that you can think of. Next, I want you to really think about why you feel this way. Dig deep, we are only going to be able to solve the problem if you can admit there is an issue and we can find out where it comes from.


   After you have finished writing down how you feel about money and why you feel that way. I want you to ask yourself if that belief is valid. So many ways of thinking are introduced to us during our lives, but we rarely question if these ways of thinking at legitimate.I was talking to someone and they said that money is the base for every evil act. Is that true? Can’t money be also used for good? Can people who are without money also act in an evil way? And why would you think this way? I would rather focus on all the good that money can do in the world, collect more of it, and contribute to the amazing deeds that are able to happen because of it.


   Which brings me to my next step, if there is a chance that your negative beliefs about money could be false write down the opposite. If you believe money is evil, write down next to that money is wonderful! You can post these on sticky notes throughout your house to remind you about your new healthy thoughts and relationship with your new friend, money. You have nothing to lose, if you change your thoughts and feelings about money you have everything to gain, more money, financial freedom, less stress, and the life you deserve. Thank you for reading. I dare you to like and share.


Much love,

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